The Heavy Responsibilities Of The Service Team Providing You Your Custodial Needs

The Hard Work Custodians Do to Provide a Clean and Safe Environment

Being a custodian is more than making sure that that property you are assigned to is clean. Overall, one should fulfill his duties and responsibilities to guarantee a clean, healthy, and safe environment to the people residing in the property. Providing custodial service is never easy. That is why through time, people learn to appreciate the effort to keep their job and handle the tasks they are managing efficiently.

Custodians are often assigned to offices, commercial properties, apartments, schools, and other establishments where are lot of people walk in and out. They spend their day keeping the building clean and risk-free. Common tasks that they do everyday is proper waste disposal, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and stocking bathroom supplies. Apart from that, they could also be in charge of building repair and maintenance and even making sure that everything is secured after office hours. Some custodians also take care of the outdoor space of the property too. You may often see some tend the garden and lawn, rake leaves, and even shovel snow during winter. 

Everyday, custodian has regular duties. What they do contributes a lot on the grow of the establishment they are keeping with hardwork and dedication. For businesses, what they do influence the productivity of the employees and foot traffic. Employees get to work better if they are at ease and this is also achieved if they have a clean workspace. In addition to that, they also have someone they can depend on in case emergencies happen inside the building. In establishments like schools, it is a relief that there are custodians who could make sure that the students’ learning place is clean and as comfortable as their home. 

The main focus of custodian serve teams is the public areas. Areas that are shared by many is the most critical part of the building. It is where there are more risks and health hazards. They empty the trash, vacuum, sanitize the restrooms, clean all doors and windows, wide down the desks, and clean all the surfaces made of stainless steel such as the drinking fountain, door knobs, etc. Apart from their daily work, they also do some weekly or twice a month. It involves cleaning all the hard surface, carpet cleaning, cleaning of air conditioning system and ventilation, and of walls and furniture. 

To be a very good provider of custodial service, it requires specific skills. Apart from the cleaning skills and some tricks into doing them, it is also more helpful if the custodian can also utilize industrial equipment. Knowing how to do at least basic mechanical, electrical, and plumbing repairs is also very handy. One must also have the physical strength, flexibility, and stamina as he will mostly be on his feet and will do a lot of lifting.  You’ve had access to information about this before yet you yearn to learn more. Plainly because this topic has overabundant information everywhere. Still, the discovery of quality content is an uphill task. For further details on the topic, read this.