How To Get Rid of Bad Smells in My Kitchen Without Spending Too Much

Smart Ways to Zap Kitchen Odors

Getting rid of bad odor in your kitchen is a tough job especially if you have small space. There are couple of ways to purify the air without spending too much. This article will give you all basic things that you can use to clean the air.

One of the main reasons why your kitchen smells bad because of the fume from the food that you’ve cooked. In order to combat the cooking fume you need to do cook something. This is not a joke, all you in is white vinegar and water the measurement should be 3 tablespoon of the vinegar then 1 cup of tap water. Bring to boil for couple of minutes. Basically, vinegar can eliminate bad odor because of its acidic and alkaline compound that is present on the fume of the vinegar. The fume will neutralize the odor and later on the bad odor will be gone.

When you did not dispose the trash properly it can cause bad smell in the kitchen. The trash in your kitchen need a regular attention. It is important that you dispose them regularly so the smell will not take over the kitchen. If in case you put wet garbage in the bin, you need to empty the can daily. After dumping the trash outside you need to clean it to remove debris stuck inside. It is also recommended to spray the bin with disinfectant to make sure that it is clean. You can use Lysol for this and let the bin dry before using it again. If you don’t have enough time you can do the bin cleaning once a week.

It is also important to clean the appliances particularly the dishwasher, AC system, fridge and stove. With regards to dishwasher it is important that you will clean the filter which can be found at the bottom rack in order to eliminate bad smell. The food bits and debris can cause funky smells to the dishwasher. You can whisk out the particles by using paper towel then have a quick rinse cycle with the machine empty. This will wash away the debris and leave the door a bit ajar afterward. The fresh air will freshen up the washer. For fridge, try to remove those food that have been stocked for couple of days. You can use charcoal to remove odor when your fridge is empty.

Open windows to allow fresh air in your kitchen. Proper ventilation will help you remove bad odor. It would be great to install exhaust fan to help you to reduce the odor easily.

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